Our client was a 475-bed health system in Michigan and is one of multiple hospitals in the overarching health system. It is a locally-governed health system in its 10th decade of serving the people of south central Michigan with local, high-quality healthcare. It grew its organizations through a philosophy of providing the best service to the community by having the most advanced medical services, combined with a progressive philosophy of overall wellness.
In July 2015, this hospital made the decision to migrate its enterprise electronic health record system to Epic. To accomplish this goal, the team needed to find a consulting company who could support its need for Epic experience.


As this hospital approached the go-live project timeframe, it put out a request for a bid from Epic consulting organizations to support its need for credentialed trainers. The hospital needed an organization who could supply a blend of experienced and local credentialed talent. The goal was to assemble a high-performing go-live team, yet control costs. The bidding process concluded with a decision to award the CT project us.


We supplied approximately 60 credentialed trainers were deployed to support the upcoming go-live. A blend of experienced credentialed trainers and local talent were part of the successful team. This approach ensured the go-live team had the tenured talent necessary to propel the project forward while controlling costs.


Medix IT placed more 75 Epic consultants in varying capacities across multiple phases of the implementation.

  • MedixDirect® Epic Certified Analysts: 14 talent placed
  • Project Coordinators: 2 talent placed
  • Credentialed Trainers: 59 talent placed