A large hospital system was preparing to implement Epic’s EHR software across the entire health system. This implementation required all 17 hospitals, 13 affiliate hospitals and 100+ clinics to fully implement this software in 15 months. In preparation for this massive project, the client met with various firms to help identify which company could help them successfully complete this project.


Our client needed 121 resources (internal + external) to join the Epic team. One of its biggest concerns was engaging the best team and doing it quickly, as a nearby hospital was also implementing Epic at the same time.


The client utilized more than 25 of our resources and was able to identify the other 99 employees internally through the interviews conducted. We also worked with their team to establish an ongoing communication process to ensure the project was successful. A goal-orientated plan was employed to the project to ensure the team had incentives to do a great job and see the project through to a successful implementation.


This client became the first Epic client to not only finish on time with completing the first build, but completing it a week early.