In July 2016, a children’s hospital in Toronto, Ontario made the decision to migrate its entire EHR platform over to Epic. Upon deciding on Epic, the team was immediately faced with a series of challenges to meet their targeted Epic training date and fill Epic’s recommended staffing levels for the implementation team.


The hospital was concerned about its process for selecting the right talent to ensure it assembled a high-performing team. They needed a partner who could quickly and efficiently develop highly effective workforce solution for the Epic team and provide 35+ high-performing, Epic certified analysts.


The Epic Practice delivery team conducted baselining interviews of internal employees to measure the aptitudes, behaviors, competencies and desires of the top-performing talent within the hospital. This data was used interview and select the highest performing internal and external talent to join the Epic implementation.


  • Internal Employees: 49 selected for the project
  • MedixDirect® Epic Certified Analysts: 36 talent placed
  • Project Managers: 4 talent placed
  • Executive Epic Project Director: 1 talent placed