You have one chance to build a transformational team to execute your Epic EHR implementation. How do you define your staffing levels, determine who to slot in which position and what your head count should be at steady state and beyond?

Validate your team today and set a strategy for tomorrow’s success with vAlidade!

By partnering with Alidade Group, you will receive an analysis of team output and productivity, as well as recommendations on how to structure your team to maximize efficiency to help you reach goals – all while lowering the risk of missed timelines, project overruns and failure.

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Our proprietary process includes four areas of focus used to evaluate teammate performance:

  • Aptitudes – Potential for growth evaluated through Epic’s Sphinx test. After more than 500 Epic certified placements, we have validated the correlation between higher cognitive scores and probability of success.
  • Behaviors – Key motivators and personality traits discovered through our MyPrint™ assessment, ensuring the right fit for your Epic team.
  • Competencies – Knowledge and skills identified through our Epic-specific structured interview process.
  • Desires – The “why” behind a candidate’s fit for the position, driven by our Epic-specific structured interview process. The “gut feel” of the interview is still important, but backed-up with other critical supporting information.

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