As strategic road maps, upgrades, add-on modules, training needs and user expectations evolve, many organizations struggle with meeting the long-term staffing needs necessary for maximum return on their Epic investment. How do you define your staffing levels, determine who to slot in which position and what your head count should be at steady state and beyond?

Validate your team today and set a strategy for tomorrow’s success with vAlidade!

By partnering with Alidade Group, you will receive advice on optimal support staffing levels and strategies to meet your strategic and operational needs while minimizing reliance on external consultants. vAlidade provides actionable recommendations on how to structure your team to maximize efficiency – all while improving the end-user experience, staffing strategic projects and optimizing your system and workflows.

Our Strategic Hiring Methodology

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Our proprietary process includes four areas of focus used to evaluate organizational performance:

  • Strategic Road Map – Assessing planned projects and initiatives to determine impact on staffing resources and strategies for success.
  • Team Design – Reviewing your current team structure, position descriptions and skill mix to identify operational inefficiencies.
  • Optimal Staff Levels – Evaluating your current support needs, staffing model and resources to determine the optimal mix of resources needed to create an efficient, cost-effective team delivering superior results.
  • Strategic Hiring – Using our ABCD methodology (Aptitudes, Behaviors, Competencies and Desires) to ensure your team is staffed with high-performing talent focused on long-term growth and stability.

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