The talent gap is rampant within IT, and coupled with rapidly evolving technologies, systems and needs, your team has fallen behind on work tickets, projects and general maintenance of the system.  With that, comes misses on customer expectations and higher IT costs, which results in the IT department not able to work on enhancement projects.

You need a partner who can help you better understand the ideal organization of your team. By partnering with Alidade Group, you will receive an analysis of output and productivity and recommendations on how to structure your team to maximize on efficiency and help you reach goals.

Our Process

  • Review organization of department
  • Understand where the departments get their requests
  • Understand who the customer is
  • Evaluate the type of requests that are coming in
  • Understand the volume of request and the ability of the team to handle them.
  • Understand how the staff is assigned and how they days are organized

What We Deliver

  • Analysis of team work effort and utilization
  • Recommendations on how to improve productivity and reduce system issues
  • Recommendations of how departmental organization and how work should be addressed and monitored”

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