EHR systems, such as Epic, have transformed the way healthcare services are delivered to patients. Unfortunately, the need to regularly upgrade these complex systems from one major release to the next often comes with costly service interruptions.

Through Alidade Group’s System Upgrade service, our team can help you determine the scope, timeline and budget for your next upgrade, all while delivering expert insight into how to best staff the resource requirements.

Our Process

  • Review Epic documentation with leadership and select any required enhancements
  • Determine resources required based on Epic upgrade information and approved enhancements
  • Develop risk assessment
  • Develop project plan, timeline and budget and obtain organizational approval
  • Manage timeline , issue list and provide status report to appropriate levels

What We Deliver

  • Thorough review of Epic documentation
  • List of all enhancements to build out during the upgrade process
  • Project timeline, budget and resource requirements
  • Status reporting at the project and executive level
  • Issue and risk associated with the project and a tracking process