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You just implemented Epic. Now it’s time to partner with an experienced team with proven solutions to help you optimize it.
Alidade Group offers unique solutions to optimize any milestone of your Epic journey. Whether you’re implementing a new module (such as Beaker), planning for upgrades, or simply have staffing challenges, Alidade Group is ready to positively impact your health system.

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Epic Modules of Expertise:

  • Inpatient: ASAP, Stork, Clin Doc, Orders
  • Outpatient: Ambulatory, Home Health & Hospice, Healthy Planet, MyChart, Phoenix
  • Ancillary: Optime, Anesthesia, Beacon, Beaker, Cupid, Radiant, Willow, Wisdom, Bone
  • Revenue Cycle/Patient Access: Grand Central, Prelude, Cadence, Bedboard, HIM, Resolute HB, Resolute PB
  • Enterprise Architecture: Bridges, Cache, Cogito, Caboodle, Reporting Workbench, Security

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