After your initial core implementation, you’ve now discovered your need to continue to implement additional Epic modules such as Beaker. You know you need to take your system to the next level with Epic’s secondary applications, but it’s a lengthy and detailed process. With the massive undertaking of your initial Epic implementation fresh in your mind, you know you need a partner to help you navigate your application implementation.
Alidade Group will partner with you from start to finish, from developing the timeline to training and go-live, to ensure your implementation elevates Epic’s efficiency and functionality across your health system.

Our Process

  • Work with vendor and client on developing timeline, resource requirements and total cost
  • Develop and maintain project timelines
  • Lead team through successful developing, testing and deployment stages
  • Manage risk and issues list
  • Create status reports and obtain senior leadership involvement where required
  • Develop and manage budget
  • Configure application to meet the needs of the agreed organizational scope

What We Deliver

  • Project timeline, budget and resource requirements
  • Status reporting at the project and executive level
  • Issue and risk associated with the project and a tracking process
  • Training, go-live and command center strategies

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