Your organization is quickly approaching a needed technology refresh to lower maintenance costs and increase efficiency of internal staff. As an IT executive, you know you need to create a cloud roadmap. However, you’re unsure about all of your options for your existing ERP platform.

Through a partnership with Alidade Group, you will receive a clearly defined methodology to determine the most effective path to the cloud with your ERP/HCM applications. This process analyzes all deployment options including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS by interviewing key stakeholders across the business and IT user communities.

Our Process

  • Interviews with key members
  • Examine interview results
  • Generate recommendations
  • Generate project ROI
  • Conduct high level demonstrations (if applicable)
  • Final presentation to executives

What We Deliver

  • A complete cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Deployment model approach
  • A defined business value of moving to the cloud
  • Options to move ERP and/or HCM out of the data center to the cloud (IaaS v SaaS)
  • Cloud vendor analysis
  • Unbiased recommendations for each approach
  • Customization, interface, third party integration report
  • Recommended solutions