Is your EHR not keeping up with system requirements? Is your system lagging behind on legislative requirements? Your organization has difficult decisions to make about which EHR option is best for your strategy initiatives.

Alidade Groups team of IT experts are here to help determine the best solution to help you meet and maintain your strategic initiatives! Our thorough process allows us to work with you to determine which way to go – whether it’s updating your current EHR system, sorting through vendor selections and implementing a new solution or connecting to an affiliate organization to implement their EHR solution.

Our Process

  • Develop scorecard based on organization strategic initiatives
  • Develop team of organizations leadership to work with to evaluate organizations best  option
  • Identify risk based on organizational culture and passed experiences in implementing strategic initiatives
  • Develop mitigation solutions to risks
  • Develop base case recommendation with leadership on best solution for organization
  • Develop next steps to obtain leadership, executive leadership approval for project

What We Deliver

  • Scorecards based on your strategic initiatives
  • Connecting your team with leadership of potential partner organizations
  • Review of risk associated with implementing solutions based on organizational culture
  • Detailed recommendations developed with your leadership in mind to help organizations meet their strategic initiatives